Radio’s Best Digital Strategy

Most radio companies give lip service to digital while cutting back live and local on-air programming.

Take Clear Channel – cluelessly buying up bankrupt digital businesses (i.e., Thumbplay and considering the purchase of when neither one of these will fundamentally improve their revenue streams.  Pandora is already there.

Entercom told analysts last week that Pandora is not the death of terrestrial radio.  Wanna bet?  With radio stations dumping live and local, Pandora is the killer app.

Cumulus and Citadel together have virtually no real digital strategy for the future.

But wait.

This article is about 26 ways to build a digital strategy that works.  I’ve even numbered them for your convenience in designing your own blueprint.

I’ve got it for you right here – here’s a sampling …

•  The best bet for rapid revenue returns in the digital space and it’s not what you think and not what radio groups are currently doing.

•  Actual suggestions on how to organize digital content in a way that cooperates with the current boom.  I’ll explain how to lay it all out and offer it up for short attention span users.

•  How to create short attention span “radio stations” for iPads – and believe me, you’re going to need to think differently on this.

•  The hottest content opportunities.  I’ll name them.

•  The three main ways to make money from digital – one of them you’ll reject (but it is the best and most profitable way) and the other takes skills you’ll have to go out and hire.

•  How to build a lot of iPad sites that add up to big bucks.  You’ll read the number you must build every year to rake in the cash.

•  Where does terrestrial radio fit in to the digital future.  Hint: not one radio group knows.  But you will.

26 do’s and don’ts.

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