Radio Suicide by CHR


There is a reason why radio owners are tripping all over themselves to switch to hit radio formats.  This piece focuses on:

1. The radio format that CHR is going to make extinct.

2.  The big reason why radio groups are dropping formats to switch to CHR.

3.  What is so attractive to buyers about a format that has phantom People Meter listeners?

4.  The one thing these new CHR stations are doing that will turn off loyal fans.

5.  Two People Meter formats that are cheated out of listeners – take a guess.

6.  The bleak outlook for AM People Meter stations.

7.  More listening or less for the new CHR stations?  We’ll tell you.

This is an article about radio stations anxious to game the People Meter by switching as many stations as possible to CHR and what the unintended consequences may be.

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