Radio Picking the Wrong Fight With Pandora

Radio says it has 14.6 billion monthly listening hours – a stat it specially compiled to counter Pandora’s growing 125 million subscriber base.

Spin is not the answer.  Radio is picking the wrong fight with Pandora.

To slow Pandora’s growth into local markets, here is what radio must do.

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1.  Pandora has an Achilles heel – and it’s not what the radio industry is targeting.  Here is the Pandora weakness that every station can exploit.

2.  How does radio ever begin to compete with a popular customizable music service when it has to use a 30 record playlist.  There is an easy way, but most stations aren’t doing it – yet.

3.  Radio’s biggest advantage over Pandora and the growing list of Pandora imitators – no one else can do what I am about to tell you, but radio. 

4.  The one thing radio can do to make the next generation put their mobile devices down and turn up the radio. 

5.  What happens if the radio industry doesn’t start taking Pandora seriously – then what?

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