Radio and Records Mergers in the Making

Comcast has reared its ugly media head already days in advance of taking over operational control of NBC Universal.  It showed Keith Olbermann the door in spite of the fact he is MSNBC’s top rated anchor. TMZ reported Comcast was indeed the devil that dealt with the firing details.  Comcast reportedly was tinkering with NBC Primetime even before the sale closed (unofficially, of course!).

That begs the question are we going to see more screwed up businesses in radio and records thanks to venture capitalists?

In this article, I’ve got 6 more to tell you about:

1.  A traffic company may get dealt.  Wait until you hear who the buyer may be?  They sure don’t need a traffic operation – or do they?

2.  Clear Channel’s expected refinance of $19.7 billion in debt may lead to the sale of hundreds of stations to de-lever the new debt acquired to pay down the old debt – do you have that?  I’ve got a timeline for you.

3.  I’m looking for the old Bonneville and the former Bonneville management team soon to be operating as Hubbard Radio as potential buyers for a huge major market radio station.  I will reveal the call letters here.

4.  Don’t forget Cumulus – the little engine that couldn’t – may still take a run at Citadel.  What may wind up happening.

5.  That Clear Channel news consolidation – it may be worse than originally thought.  I’ve got details for you.

6.  50% of the major labels are for sale right now with major repercussions for the music industry. I handicap it for you.

This article is about the disturbing but growing influence of investment bankers in radio and records and how they may reshape these and other media industries over the next 12 months.

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