Questionable Radio Deals With Record Labels

Lucky no one is watching the store.

Radio groups are reinventing how they get in bed with record labels for special favors to their stations.

Some groups may be doing it legally and one, which we’ll name, may not.

This is a trend worth watching as the radio industry morphs from a local service into an appendage for investment banker portfolios and eventually larger media companies.

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1.  At least two big radio groups are getting into practices that may blur the line between what winds up on the air and what the stations get from artists and labels in return.  I’ll name the two groups.

2.  The heavy-handed technique one group used to deliver for the record label at the expense of the station.

3.  The more careful and legal approach used by another group that benefitted the group and pleased the label.

4.  The details on how radio groups get around the favors they do for labels.  I’ll explain.

5.  The bareknuckle approach some groups use to bully local PDs into fulfilling these sleazy deals corporate puts together.

The answers begin here.

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