Only 5 Days Left to Save $300 – 2012 Media Solutions Lab

My February 9th seminar at The Phoenician in Scottsdale is devoted to identifying the most important emerging media trends in the next 12 months and offering practical solutions for new and traditional media.

And for just 5 more days – or while these specially priced seats last – you can take $300 off every registration. 

Plus there is an optional Big Ideas Breakfast early on February 10th where participants will learn how to get involved in the most promising media businesses as well as hear my list of innovations you can take home and put to work in your business, life and family.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll get when you register for my 2012 Media Solutions Lab:

  • “The 10 Most Important Emerging Media Trends for 2012” – one full year ahead of everyone else.  I’ve been making these predictions for years with great precision.  In fact, I will also review my 2011 predictions with updates and more information to help you keep track of these trends as well.
  • What to do about new media – media buyers want it, but radio stations are missing the solutions that would make them open their checkbooks and say, “how much do you want for that idea”.  You can bet I’m going to tell you.
  • What to do about radio – lots of listening but fewer listeners.  I’m going to answer the question what would I do to make on-air radio not only more competitive with emerging mobile and Internet content, but how to make it more compelling.  I’ll have a list of practical solutions.  And you can interrupt and hitchhike on any idea.  You will not get these solutions anywhere else.
  • Apple has big plans for 2012 but don’t get caught flatfooted.  I’m going to reveal – just as Apple has changed the music business – it is about ready to change radio and most radio people don’t even see this coming.  The Apple innovation that is targeting radio and how to wind up on the right side of it – early.
  • Start This Business Not That!  Many new opportunities exist for people who have spent their careers in radio.  I’ll name and explain.
  • A better idea for radio than “daily deals” – one that is unique, compelling and addictive.  But you have to get there first in your market.
  • Stop the flow of radio dollars out of local markets by rethinking “radio” – media buyers increasingly want new media in their spend and radio stations want to give them websites, podcasts and banner ads.  None of these are the answer.  You leave Scottsdale with our blueprint that will at the very least dazzle media buyers.
  • Critical changes in audience habits ahead.  Can you name the biggest threat to radio listening?  It’s not Internet streaming.  Not podcasting.  Not Pandora.  You will not only be able to name them when you leave my seminar, but know the almost unbelievable desires of changing audiences and how to get them addicted to radio.  That’s right – radio.
  • Where to acquire the skill sets you will need to keep up with these monumental changes.  Do these things and you’ll be more relevant than ever. 
  • The new social network built around you!  How to build a clubhouse with passionate fans.  Monetize it.  Even charge money for it.  I’ve done it and will share what I’ve learned because Facebook has peaked yet audiences remain addicted to social networking.  Raise your hand and tell me what you want to do and I’ll show you the most fabulous social networking alternatives to Twitter and Facebook.

One career changing idea would make this day worthwhile, but you won’t get just one new idea.  If you’re like attendees of my previous Media Solutions Labs you’ll come away with dozens – even more for some of you.  That’s why exit surveys show 92% of the folks attending my Media Solutions Lab say it met or exceeded their expectations.

I teach the way I engaged my young students as a professor of music industry at The University of Southern California – open dialog, frequent use of a brainstorming technique I developed at USC and collaborative learning.

This is not a convention.

Not a show.

No sponsors, no speakers paying me to sell you something.

It’s a “lab” – about experiments, research and teaching what is about to happen in our media world in real time.

It will not be recorded or videotaped.  The magic is being there.

My 2012 Media Solutions Lab and Next Day Breakfast is the learning event that helps smart media executives start the New Year ahead of the curve.

Join me for complimentary breakfast, lunch and breaks on February 9th in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona for my Third Annual Media Solutions Lab.

And if you like tons of useful ideas that cooperate with the changes ahead, don’t leave until you attend my “Next Day Big Ideas Breakfast”.

Register now while you can still save $300 on every registration.

Click here to learn more and register.

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