Nuclear Option for Cumulus

No positive quarterly numbers since 2009.

Local billing in the toilet.

Programming that can’t get ratings.

What is a CEO to do?

Lew Dickey, with bankruptcy in his sights, may have no choice but to detonate the nuclear option with lenders breathing down his neck.

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  1. A wholesale firing of this job description over the next 12 months.
  2. Implementation of new daily report cards that employees will be forced to fill out.
  3. Blowing up existing big stations – unthinkable, but on the radar screen according to sources.  Some examples.
  4. A radical answer to replace lost local billing.
  5. Targeting one last safe haven for programming.
  6. How many jobs could be lost once the trigger is pulled.

If you would like to see what will happen when Cumulus is forced by lenders to cut costs immediately, click “read more” below. 

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