New Study: Music Piracy Is Down

(With Colin Huber and a nice, fresh homemade Italian pizza)

There is a new study just out that shows a significant decline in illegal file sharing.

Guess the record labels were right.  Sue LimeWire out of business and all their problems go way.

Not so quick.

You’ve got to take a close look at this study and some recent events to get a handle on what is happening now.  If you operate with these assumptions, you’re done.

This article reveals …

1.  The NPD Group study and yes, you’ll see file sharing in the fourth quarter of last year way down until you see this damning evidence. 

2.  What’s the new way young people are stealing music now that their favorite bit torrent sites are being shut down.  Do you know?  You will and it’s impossible to stop it.

3.  What two benchmarks prove that this NPD Study is being misinterpreted.  Two things that prove the study wrong.

4.  How to conduct your own straw poll but do it with your eyes wide open.

5.  The same bad information that the labels are getting about music piracy is also killing radio stations.  Stations want ratings but that is so 90’s.  Today they need fans and we’ll show you the one way to get plenty of them.

6.  One of the biggest acts in the music business disproves the theory that giving away music for free hurts sales.  In fact, the artist I’m going to tell you about sells tons of albums in a world where consumers cherry pick singles.

7.  The only thing that could reduce illegal file sharing is this.

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