NAB Okays Radio Royalty Sellout

The NAB isn’t waiting for the elections to take place in a few weeks.

Not waiting to win a consensus of members.

CEO Gordon Smith, a former U.S. Senator and future lobbyist somewhere other than radio, has given the green light to complete a deal that would saddle radio stations with $100 million in new music taxes very soon.

In an arrogant and defiant mood, Smith will use his own NAB board as hostages to provide cover.

How serious is the threat this time and what are you not being told. I’ve prepared a thorough intelligence report for you this morning.

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1. The real odds that this much talked about performance royalty tax will become a reality for radio stations – and when.

2. NAB CEO Gordon Smith’s motive. Why sell out your members -- most of whom oppose this tax. You won’t believe why Smith is doing this.

3. What percentage of an average station’s bottom line will the new NAB Tax on Radio represent? And remember, the performance royalty tax on radio comes right off the bottom line.

4. The chances of the $100 million tax not going up -- with examples from other countries that have already given in to the music industry.

5. Why the radio tax is chump change to the music industry. The real goal of musicFIRST and why bringing radio to its knees is so important to them. What the music industry is really after.

The answers start here.