Music Industry Terrorists

The radio industry got dissed again on the recent Grammy show by none other than most of the artists and their Academy leader Neil Portnow.

That’s funny because the telecast memorialized the decline of the record industry the moment Arcade Fire, an indie group, won best album.

The radio industry could put a stop to music industry terrorism and I’ve got a plan for your consideration.  After all, consumers are voting with social networking in Egypt and in a less important way in the music business.

One thing is for sure – the labels won’t be around for the music industry I see in my crystal ball.

Meanwhile, this article reveals the music industry’s tough new strategy to stick it to terrestrial radio and my blueprint to return the favor to them.

This article reveals the labels' new strategy against radio …

1.  To use radio’s own trade association NAB against the industry with the lobby group’s cooperation.  This is the new twist on Gordon Smith’s failed attempt to go to the labels hat in hand and beg them to allow radio to start paying more music royalties.   And why Smith had to change his focus to coincide with the labels new plan.

2.  What the labels are threatening to do to radio stations that they believe can impact what makes it on the air.

3.  The final grenade – the music industry’s desperate threat to bring radio to its knees on a performance royalty.

Then, my blueprint to shut the labels down – Steve Jobs-style ...

1.  How radio can get the labels attention in a big way and turn the fear on them.  I’ll share the details.

2.  The ultimate strategic move that actually cuts off Congressional sympathy for inaugurating a music performance royalty for radio.  Why has no one thought of this idea?

3.  How to twist the music industry’s arm around its back in a move that will make them say “uncle” – at least when they see their profits decline further.

4.  How radio can easily take a page from Steve Jobs’ playbook because radio may be on the decline but the music industry cannot live without free exposure over the radio.  How do you like this move?

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