Merlin’s Meltdown

  • What went so wrong at Merlin after less than two years.  Let me count the ways – 8 to be exact! 
  • What one move – not commonly known publicly – sealed Merlin’s fate.  Not the firing of Walter Sabo.  That, too!
  • Specific evidence that CEO Randy Michaels’ denial the stations are for sale is a fib.  And why he’s making it up?
  • Who might want to buy the 4 major market Merlin stations.  Yes, I’ll name names and I’ll betcha I’m right.
  • The surprise buyer no one is tracking that could buy one or more Merlin stations and knock your socks off.   That big a deal.  That surprising.
  • Is Emmis a buyer – or a potential dealmaker since it owns about 50% interest in 3 of the 4 Merlin stations?  It’s complicated.

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