Limbaugh Losing Ground

When the general manager of a sports team gives a public vote of confidence to his embattled manager, the manager usually gets fired shortly thereafter.

Yesterday, Clear Channel’s “general manager” Bob Pittman gave his star a rousing public vote of confidence.

Guess what’s happening next.

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1.  Limbaugh haters are about to get something even better handed to them than Rush being fired.  Here’s what it is – and it’s going to happen.

2.  The plan that Limbaugh’s detractors are using that is still working – showing no signs of letting up. 

3.  What made Pittman finally make a public statement in defense of Rush.

4.  Oh, and Cumulus got caught lying about the affiliates it has lined up to be the more conversational and less confrontational Limbaugh replacement.  Tricky!

5.  How long before Limbaugh non-Clear Channel affiliates will be able to last without making any money.  

6.  Prediction:  what Rush Limbaugh is likely to do next now that advertisers are still not coming back and Pittman says his job is secure.  Lookout!

The answers begin here.

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