Lew Dickey’s Royal Wedding

No, not Lew Dickey himself, the newly crowned king of all radio consolidation.

But Kate and William’s royal wedding that looks like it will be turned into a Cumulus attempt at a bad sales promotion and relevant and timely programming.

The Three Stooges are at it again.

The royal wedding is Friday.

Cumulus stations were notified Tuesday that they are sending a jock to the U.K. to cover the wedding for all Cumulus stations.

Nice local programming.

So stations get arguably three days notice to prepare.

Jenn Hobby from the Bert Show in Atlanta (where else?) is going to, as Cumulus Programming Magician Jan Jeffries says, “cover the Royal Wedding and report back to all Cumulus stations with on-going up to the minute color and play by play of the wedding procedure and ceremony.”

Now understand most Cumulus stations have been gutted of live personnel over the past few years. 

And the great majority of the survivors have not had raises in years and it has been forever since a cost of living increase was awarded to a Cumulus employee – unlike the Dickeys and their minions who get special board approved bonuses even when they fail.

Did I mention that most Cumulus part-timers are making minimum wage?

That from their employees’ own description, they are constantly reminded that they can easily be replaced.

Okay … now that I got that out of the way, let’s look at the lunacy of what the soon to be second largest consolidated radio company is doing.

1.  An “urgent” memo you won’t believe from programming chief Jan Jeffries to his stations dictating his terms for the royal wedding – talk about a monarchy!

2.  What radio audiences really want when a TV event captures the public eye.

3.  Why the Dickeys are leaving their affiliate stations at the altar.

4.  The main reason today’s big, powerful media businessmen (and “men” seems to be an accurate description) don’t know how to connect with listeners or advertisers – even when a special event is handed to them. 

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