Important Message From Jerry Del Colliano

Dear Friend …

I would like to personally invite you to attend my upcoming Media Solutions Lab January 30-31 in Scottsdale, AZ.

You need another industry seminar, show or convention like you need a hole in the head.

But this is not just another conference.

It’s one you should seriously consider reserving a seat for.

In a post meeting exit poll last year 100% of our attendees – that’s everyone who attended – rated the Media Solutions Lab as meeting or exceeding their expectations. 

Let me tell you how this one and a half day investment on your part can reap tremendous career and personal benefits all year long.

Radio has digital backwards

Stations think digital is an add-on to FM but it’s the other way around.  I’m going to show you how to create content centers in your stations that will create saleable audio, video, text and social media in a very different way.  You then push it to FM or to digital.  But you have to monetize it differently.  New content and sales skills will be required.  This alone could put you into the digital game like never before as media buyers continue to demand better digital solutions.  Learn the new plan.

The missing link to building brands

Most radio stations build brands around their content.  That’s counter intuitive in the digital world.  I will show you how to build an even stronger – almost impenetrable brands constructed around what your station stands for, not what it is.    Wait – most stations stand for “hits” or “talk” or something their owners value.  My system focuses on audiences.

The one thing that can make a Millennial addicted to radio

Keep doing radio as usual and there will be more audience erosion and sales declines.  I’ve said this for years and it keeps happening.  The answer is transforming your radio station into something so big, so attractive, so close to young listeners hearts that they will become radio addicts.  Assuming the content improves.  This strategy will change the way you will look at the elusive audiences that are straying from radio and win them back.

Case closed:  increase billing without begging for advertisers

I’m bringing in Dan Hill from Sensory Logic who advises Jerry Lee’s WBEB, Philadelphia which has documented 80% increases in ad effectiveness.  WBEB makes tons of money in all economies.  We should all do so well.  Now, we can.   Dan will be here to get you started.

Attract 80 million new listeners

Morley Winograd is co-author of “Millennial Momentum: How a New Generation Is Remaking America”.  I’ve asked Morley, a former colleague of mine at the University of Southern California, to pinpoint ten golden opportunities for broadcast and digital media as it pertains to Generation Y.  You’ve been promising to learn more about the next generation.  This guy wrote the book.

Streaming is so out but these new digital businesses are waiting for you

Whether you are a station or a digital entrepreneur, I’m going to load you up with potential new digital startups that either a station can do or a smart media executive can exploit.  You’re wasting your time on streaming, a business that has failed to make money for anyone.  These new digital business ideas are so promising, you’ll want to steal the playbook.  Game on for all in attendance.

Facebook and Twitter are over

That’s right.  They don’t make money.  The faltering Facebook stock says it all.  And Twitter is fun but social networking is not a moneymaking business.  I’ll tell you what is – a tool for you when you build your own closed social media site that is the future of networking.  I’ve studied it.  I’m doing it.  I’ll share it with you at the Media Solutions Lab.

Paid is the new free Internet

If you’re not setting up subscription programs for P1 audience members, you’re leaving money on the table.  But there’s a right way and wrong way.  I’ve done both in my digital businesses.  This is a potential huge cash revenue stream for a media entrepreneur or an additional cash flow stream for an existing media operation like a radio station or group.  Ca-ching – money waiting to be made.

Identify the critical emerging trends in the next 12 months

You can’t expect to be on it in 2013 if you’re the last to know what trends are developing.  So, take notes and you’ll come away with what you should anticipate, deal with, exploit and monetize for the rest of 2013. 

The Media Solutions Lab is not a show, not a series of panels with people who could learn more from you then you can from them.

It’s an interactive learning event for smart media executives where the teaching and the taught together do the teaching.

Won’t you accept my invitation and join me for this career changing event?

To register now for my 2013 Media Solutions Lab, click here.

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