How to Make Radio Cool Again

Can radio become cool again?

Not the way most stations broadcast these days. 

I think we all get that live and local would help and that personalities are what listeners crave.  That local artists would distinguish a radio station from Pandora.

But we’ve said all of that.

This article will reveal 7 specific additional things that radio stations can actually do – some can be started right away with no expense –- to make radio cool, desirable and more interesting to young and old listeners alike.

1.  The way to know precisely what your audiences crave and no, I’m not talking about buying a research project.

2.  How stations shoot themselves in the foot during the first 5 minutes of each hour – maybe even the first 3 minutes.

3.  How radio stations increasingly make their audiences feel inferior – that’s right, inferior – and how to put a stop to it next hour.

4.  What does fantasy sports teach radio about what it can do to become cool again?

5.  The one radio station website no station ever does that it ought to do to become relevant to listeners overnight.

6.  Why do young listeners like NPR so much when it doesn’t cater to short attention spans or stupid dj banter?  Anything we can learn from it.  You’ve got it – right here.

7.  Radio’s best friend is …  Do you know?  Do you know that I estimate that 85% of America’s radio stations are not employing this strategy to regain a foothold with today’s listeners?

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