How to Game The People Meter

You’ve asked me and I’m going to do it – today.

What does Dan Mason know that you don’t about The People Meter?  Why let the big consolidators have all the fun.

They love Arbitron these days because Arbitron made their dreams come true by providing a PPM ratings system that shows more audience than the old diary even when fewer people are listening to radio.

What’s not to like.

If you want what they’re having, then you’re going to love this.

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1.  What is the sure PPM format that never loses and always wins even if you do a lousy job with it.

2.  A new PPM tactic being tried right now in Philly at Greater Media’s WMMR – you’ve never heard this strategic move before – until now.

3.  How to game the morning show once and for all exactly the way consolidators are doing it now.

4.  The new most important daypart.  Forget what you’ve heard because it isn’t what you think it is.

5.  How consolidators who get big PPM ratings handle commercials, stop sets, talking, voice tracking, playlists and promotions.  This is their game and they’re damn good at it.

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