How Cumulus May Buy Dial Global & Westwood One

I’m hearing a scenario where Lew Dickey winds up with all the radio networks he needs to compete against Clear Channel’s Premiere.

It’s a fascinating play.

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1.  How Dickey lost out on buying Westwood One that he could have merged with Citadel Media.

2.  Which venture capital group actually screwed him out of buying Westwood One.

3.  Which investment group is willing to put Westwood One and Dial Global in Dickey’s hands.

4.  Cumulus is the hottest radio stock in the industry – at a mere $3.57!  What insiders know that outsiders don’t know.

5.  The new double standard on Wall Street for media deals that allows bankers to compete with investors and then sell them assets in return for a bigger share of the company.

The answers begin here.

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