Hot Digital Startup Ideas

Whether you’re a radio station exec looking to do something more significant than just streaming audio or an ambitious entrepreneur looking for hot digital startup ideas, I thought you’d like to see some of the concepts that I will present at my upcoming Media Solutions Lab in Scottsdale, AZ January 30-31.

  1. A digital business built around fashion.  This is going to be hot and I will show you how to create a successful new business built around fashion on television shows – with examples.  But this is just the beginning.
  2. Your own local high school sports version of ESPN with stats, home videos and these elements of content.  Every parent will be your subscriber and they will take it viral for you.  Ask me about how to do Fantasy High School Sports for your station or new business.
  3. The next step beyond dating services.  People meet on Internet dating services now which tells me that the next step is beyond boring matchups and onto exciting “radio type” contests and promotions that bring people together.  Even “Survivor” type elements. 
  4. Managing money.  No, not preachy advice counselors but closed social network groups where members invest together for fun.  A local Intrade where people come together virtually and place small money bets on local things.  The advertising potential alone is staggering.  A radio person would have a field day with this.
  5. Causes and charities.  Before everyone else figures it out, the 80 million members of Gen Y care about causes and want to support people who also do.  There is a movement to be harnessed bringing people together to accomplish things for the greater good.  And it doesn’t have to be a non-profit business.
  6. Music discovery.  While radio stations are playing the same 30 songs over and over again, a station or smart entrepreneur can put together this digital business that uses music discovery in a game of finding the next star, big song or new genre.  It’s a game and it has sponsorship capabilities that will exceed that of music radio.
  7. Zip News.  How gathering local news for one or more zip codes can turn into a vital information franchise to rival traditional radio all-news stations.  Digital drives the video, audio, text and social networking and you can sell it to advertisers by zip code.

Ideas you won’t hear anywhere else.

Not in print.

Not at media seminars.

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Real, promising digital businesses for radio stations or better yet, media entrepreneurs looking to get a leg up on the next big thing in digital.

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