Classic Hits vs. Oldies

The high profile switch of WCBS-FM from its "Jack" format back to oldies is going to require very carefully considered programming moves to be successful in the long run.

What CBS is doing today is introducing to New York City the classic hits concept that has been working very well in some of their other markets. New York, you remember, is where disenfranchised oldies listeners have literally willed their oldies station back on the air.

That is, if it is their station -- the one they remember. Two years time can blur the memory. Will CBS-FM be as listeners hold it in their memory without most of the air talent they&hellip


Radio’s Jihad Against the “Nutty Professor”

Since I have been at USC, I have been very careful who I call a "Nutty Professor" for obvious reasons. For every finger you point, you have three pointing back at you.

Stan Liebowitz, a distinguished University of Texas-Dallas professor has riled the radio industry with his Business Week comments. In fact, radio people are in quite a snit.

It all has to do with his study titled Don't Play It Again Sam: Radio Play, Record Sales and Property Rights. You're going to want to read this 40-page report.

You may have heard about his work because the radio trades&hellip


How CBS-FM is Like the iPhone

I hate to say I told you so, but in the case of CBS dropping arguably one of the best radio formats in the country for an unproven, not-ready-for-prime time format like "Jack" ("We play what we want") I must say it.

I told you so.

I can't brag about being the only one to say it because almost everyone in radio knew dropping CBS-FM's oldies format was a mistake.

Forget about the fact that CBS never bothered to listened to its New York listeners preferring instead to let a salesman named Joel Hollander listen to his gut. For a man who is reputed to have trashed the popular oldies format and ordered the "Jack" format up&hellip


The Music Formerly Known as a CD

Is the record business getting more insane every day?

Is that possible?

Now Prince, the warrior who fought the good fight against the record labels back when they actually sold CDs is riling all of Europe with his latest marketing move. Prince's decision to giveaway his new album folded into British tabloid newspapers for free is not only ironic it is moronic.

A record artist who fought the system so vehemently that he became the artist formerly known as you-know-who is in bed with a medium that was once formerly known as prosperous. The newspaper business is still better in the U.K. than in the U.S. but it seems&hellip


Declare War on SoundExchange

The "Day of Silence" to attract attention to the unfair treatment of Internet streamers at the hands of the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) is over.

Now, it's time to take off the gloves and hit SoundExchange where it hurts them the most -- in Congress.

That's what those of us interested in promoting fair access to Internet streaming wanted the "Day of Silence" to do. It succeeded to the extent that the protest brought the issue into a more general public discussion, but the execution of many small Internet radio operators is still on for July 15th when a new, draconian rate structure will be implemented that could drive&hellip