How Apple Does It

Apple is reporting a fiscal first quarter profit up 78% from a year ago. A 24.5% increase in revenue from the prior year's quarter. Shareholder value is up 65 cents a share over a year ago. You may also remember that news accounts had iTunes slipping in the second half of 2006. The vultures were circling Cupertino. Luckily Apple CEO Steve Jobs bought none of it. Jobs knows that he is in the iPod business and that iTunes exists for the iPod. Apple sold 22 million iPods for the period ending December 30th -- a 50% increase from a year ago. Steve Jobs once again had his eyes on the right prize.

If you were in an Apple store&hellip


Turmoil Ahead For The Record Industry

By Steve Meyer, Inside Music Media


Getting Real About HD Radio

It's time to take our medicine. HD Radio as a concept, as a savior, as the enabler of more channels is never going to happen. I am sorry to say this because so many of my radio friends are betting their futures on it. Its time to deal with the failure of HD and move on rather than to continue to fool ourselves. HD will not make any difference whatsoever to the future of radio.

If not HD, then what?

I'm not opposed to installing HD capability on radio signals if that is going to improve the sound quality. It should always be our goal to improve the quality of the radio signal. But at the same time it would be helpful to&hellip


Clear Channel Being Clear Channel

The Arbitron diary system is history in Philadelphia, the first People Meter market. Philly has long been a test market for Arbitron in the development of The People Meter, a technology that should have been implemented years ago. There is no reason under the sun except for perhaps pricing that any broadcaster would choose a paper diary over this advancement. And doing ratings on the cheap was never a good investment for the industry.

You'd have to give Arbitron an A for persistence and you'd have to give Clear Channel an F for putting the radio industry's interests ahead of its own.

Clear Channel certainly has the&hellip


Will Gen Y Love The iPhone?

Apple has excited its base once more with the long-awaited announcement of the new iPhone/iPod that will be available in June. The online edition of The Wall Street Journal did a "hot or not" poll Monday wondering if iPhone will be another iPod or a Newton, Apple's pioneering PDA that failed. The results were overwhelming on the positive side. David Pogue's initial reaction in The New York Times was glowing.

Of course, I have come to trust the instincts of the&hellip