Speakers, Topics, Schedule for Our April 5th Conference

Radio is evolving at an unprecedented rate with challenges from digital media, the advertising sector and within the radio industry itself.

Driving innovation at this time of great change is the latest thinking based on a better understanding of generational media especially the money demos of 18-34 and 25-54 year olds.

Jerry Del Colliano invites you to join radio broadcasters and digital executives for a one-day interactive conference focused on leadership, causing and responding to disruption and new content, programming and sales models.

We now invite you to see the topics for this meeting gleaned from surveys of radio executives.

Advanced Radio Management Program Agenda/Media Lab

8 am              Registration/Complimentary Breakfast
9 am              Radio Programming in the Digital Age
10:30 am       Break/Complimentary Snacks and Refreshments
10:45             Growing Digital Revenue

12 Noon        Complimentary Lunch

1 pm              Changing the Way We Sell Radio
2:30 pm         Break/Complimentary Snacks and Refreshments
2:45 pm         Mastering 18-34 Millennial Audiences
4 pm              Conference Concludes

Radio Programming in the Digital Age

  • How to Program to Shorter Attention Spans
  • The Morning Show of the Future Featuring a Strong Woman Personality and Features That Are Not Presently Available to In-Demo Audiences
  • Strategies to Reinvigorate the Morning Show
  • The On-Air Contest That Every Listener 18 to 45 Would Stay Glued to the Radio For Without Question
  • How to Coach Talent to Sound Like Today’s Younger Audiences (Hint: They don’t like on-air talent that tries to relate to them)
  • Young Listeners Don’t Like Rules, But How to Make a Radio Station Sound Like It Is Freeform
  • The Promise of Sunday Night Talk Shows On Music Stations
  • How to Handle 18-34 Year Olds Who Don’t Listen to Any Song All the Way Through
  • Why and How Radio Must Get Back to Contesting to Keep the Gaming Generation Engaged
  • How to Remove the Obvious (and Hidden) Hype That is Turning Off Listeners
  • The One New Radio Format That Can Score Big Ratings on Either FM or AM
  • How To Do “Twitter” Type News On-Air and Enthrall Hip Young Audiences
  • How Radio Can Take Advantage of 18-34’s Growing Discontent With Music Streaming Services
  • Why It Is Now Urgent to Unbrand Radio Stations
  • Making a Dent in Commercial Clutter Even With Too Many Short Spots

Growing Digital Revenue

  • What to do About the Growing Popularity of Podcasting Among Gen Xers and Baby Boomers Even As It Is Not Profitable and Drains Radio Listeners
  • Why Short-Form Video is the Fastest Way to Real Digital Revenue
  • How It Is Done Professionally on an iPhone 7 and Few Other Expenses
  • Finding New Digital Revenue Streams
  • Caution Ahead on Social Media as Advertising Shifts Back to URLs (Proof: The Super Bowl)
  • Radio as a “Preview Channel” for Digital Content
  • Latest Thinking About Streaming On-Air Content Online
  • Remake the Station Website by Only These 3 Essential Things
  • Why YouTube is the Future of Media (ask your kids) and Where Radio Can Fit Into The Most Important Digital Platform Ever

Changing the Way We Sell RadioPresenter Jerry Lee

  • The One Small Change When Recording Local Spots That Triple Their Effectiveness
  • What’s More Effective for a Local Advertiser – a Male Voice or Female Voice?
  • A Rapid Response to an Ad Industry Survey of 5,000 Radio Campaigns That Found 68% of the Local Advertising Campaigns Were a Waste of Money
  • The “Sweet Spot” for Agencies and Advertisers with Money to Invest in Radio
  • How to Cut Advertising Churn Enough to Finish the Year Up 3-4%
  • Ways to Stand Up to Rate Cutters Who Give Away Too Many Bonuses and Costly Promotions  
  • How to Get a Premium Rate as Competitors Are Accepting Whatever They Can Get
  • The Best Resource for Testing Local Advertising Copy
  • Jerry Lee is Chairman of MoreFM, Philadelphia who has developed the premier system for testing copy, recording effective commercials and cutting advertiser churn through delivering tangible results. 

Mastering 18-34 Millennial AudiencesPresenter Morley Winograd

  • The specific things Millennials really want from radio.
  • Getting Millennials to listen.
  • How to appeal to Millennials without losing younger Baby Boomers now in their 50’s.
  • How to program to Baby Boomers (there are nearly as many of them as Millennials).
  • How to target Gen Xers – one format rarely done would hit an immediate homerun.
  • Why Millennials want radio to be more personalized than Spotify or Pandora.
  • Millennial values – the things that must be evident on the air to win over 18-34 year olds in the age of streaming music services and competing digital and social content.
  • Morley Winograd is a USC Professor and co-author of three books on the Millennial generation including Millennial Makeover and is considered an expert on the topic.

Led by Jerry Del Colliano whose background includes on-air and management roles in major market radio and television, publishing and digital as well as Professor of Music Industry at The University of Southern California.

This event will not be available by stream or video – only live and in-person April 5th in Philadelphia.

Please join us for this transformative experience.

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Joel Hollander & Entercom/CBS

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The Most Employable Program Director

I want to throw up every time I read a quote from a program director supposedly being promoted who talks about the station brand.

Screw the station brand.

That’s how the people who ruined the radio industry talk.

Let’s focus on listeners.

Not P-1s or any other faceless, nameless listener.


People who love your station or could fall in love with it.

So, you should take a seat at the table at my upcoming Radio Solutions Lab.

It’s a powerful look ahead at audience preferences that have changed while the radio industry is busy doing more consolidation that has never worked.

Our group is made up of independent radio people who can and want to be the best.

So we’ll talk about how the morning show needs to change now – 18-34’s are outta here if not.  

How there are ways to deal with commercial clutter that is turning off listeners and killing TSL.  Ignoring it will only makes listeners go away.  Not the problem.

I am going to explain in detail how to do a promotion that pays down college loans – one that doesn’t sound like corporate radio and one that no manager in her right mind would turn down. 

And a way to pay for it.

Do me a favor and ask some listeners what they love about your station and then what they hate.

Do you know?  Can you back it with evidence?

I promise you, what they love is on our list of topics and we have solutions for what they hate about your station.

Philly.  April 5th.   Join in and keep up.

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A partial sampling of topics …

End Advertiser Churn
Stop Rate Competitive Rate Cutting
5 Keys to Millennials
Eliminate Listeners 3 Big Objections to Radio
Significant Increase Time Spent Listening
Up to $500,000 a Year Making Short Form Video
All Podcasting All the Time But On Radio
The Morning Show Listeners Now Want

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7 weeks and counting until the 2017 Media Solutions Lab


Entercom’s $25 Million Layoff

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            David Field

            What Happens Now to CBS News & Sports

            How Entercom Got CBS Radio

            The CBS IPO Delay

            CBS/Radiate Traffic Deal

            Miller Kaplangate

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Morning Show Listeners Restless for Change

Their lifestyle and preference are changing and they want morning shows to reflect their needs.

They want a more significant role for women in the morning drive.

This is in conflict with radio groups that are cutting expenses and either reducing the morning teams or promoting second tier talent to replace more expensive stars.

In-demo listeners appear to want a woman lead in the mornings.  But what is surprising is what they want as a supporting cast.  We’ll be addressing this at our conference – less than two months from today.

Listeners don’t want or need the services that morning shows have embraced for decades because their phones now provide those services on-demand.

Yet, there is a list of things that they want if they are going to continue listening to their favorite radio morning show.

5 things to be exact. 

Responding to these 5 things will make all the difference to morning shows.

Surprising new evidence about news.

Those music star interviews are showing a decline.  We can now track station ratings that have access to recording stars that are losing ratings hand over first.

To what?

To morning shows that most programmers – not all, but most – can’t believe an audience would want.

Not even comedy in the morning is untouched by changing audience attitudes.

That’s why we’re going to present the information and discuss the best options before stations see more audience erosion in the time period they can least afford it.

As mornings go, so goes the station – and the station’s revenue.

Check your calendar, reserve a seat and join this critical discussion.

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Other compelling topics we will cover:

How To Get More Advertisers To Re-Up
How To Shut Down Rate Cutters
The 5 Keys To Millennial Listeners
Explained:  The Killer “Pay Down College Loan” Promotion (And How to Get Your Advertisers To Pay For It)
Reducing Commercial Clutter Without Cutting Spot Load (3 New Ideas)
Revealed:  Feed Attention Deficit for Longer Listening
Add $100-500,000 a Year Making Short-Form Videos
Save AM By Going All Podcasting All the Time
What Listeners Now Want From Morning Shows