Guy Zapoleon, Tell Me It Ain’t So

Yesterday, a day after firing over 200 people in one day (not to mention the thousands previously), Clear Channel President John Hogan made a big announcement that four people will replace them.

Say what?

Four people to replace hundreds?

Look beyond the spin to see the real intentions of Clear Channel as they await yet another bloodbath.

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1.  The real purpose of Clear Channel’s new National Programming Platform.  It’s not what they want you to think.

2.  What’s up with Guy Zapoleon pulling a Mike McVay and joining the executioners of local radio?

3.  How dangerous apologists for Clear Channel and Cumulus are and how they are helping the radio industry lose jobs. 

4.  The Clear Channel strategy to run local markets from far away and call it regional and local.  How it will sit with advertisers.

The answers start here.

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