FINAL 2 Days to Save $300 – 2012 Media Solutions Lab

Here’s what you get when you register now and save $300 on the 2012 Media Solutions Lab February 9th at The Phoenician in Scottsdale.

It’s a learning conference about the emerging new trends that you can expect to impact the media business in the next 12 months.

Take a look …


  • Before 2012 is over – just 12 months from now – radio will experience more audience erosion than in all the past 5 years put together.  PPM ratings are deceiving in that they reward drive-by listening from devices picking up encoded radio station signals. But radio’s audience losses will be palpable for the first time in 2012.  I will share a solution that costs little money but takes an entrepreneurial spirit to buck radio erosion on your station(s). 
  • Media buyers will force budgets into even more digital over radio.  They will reject radio’s usual answers:  podcasting, streaming and banner ad-populated websites.  But I am going to show you an on-air solution – that’s right, I said on-air – that will dazzle media buyers and up their spend with you.  Lucky your competitor isn’t going to attend this year’s Media Solution’s Lab.
  • Siri will now become radio’s worst nightmare.  That’s right – Siri, Apple’s personal assistant who resides on the next generation of iPhones and I’m on record with this warning.  You see, radio is used to talking to listeners, but consumers are falling in love with talking to their mobile phones.  The end of radio?  Maybe – for budget cutting wonders, but not for us.  I’ve got an easy to implement plan that gives you a leg up on other media – a plan that actually makes Siri your best friend.  Interested in getting ahead of this trend?
  • Listeners will become your new program director and sales manager.  On-demand is now expected.  That’s why Pandora is ably competing with music radio stations in local ratings and Pandora’s ratings are having no problem growing every month.  Stations will have to add video – yes, video – to radio to compete and why social networking will have to be better than Facebook or Twitter add-ons or else you miss the wave.  At this Media Lab we will discuss, plan and attack.
  • Video will be the king of all media and during the next 12 months if you don’t get the right plan in place, you will be at a great disadvantage going forward.  I’m going to show attendees how to think video and make it compelling.  I’m not just talking YouTube on your website or mobile add-ons for iPhones.  Better than that!
  • Daily deals will peak.  Groupon and SweetJack have missed their opportunity to hook both listeners and local advertisers.  You’re going to hear me outline a plan that is more promising than daily deals – a hybrid of the best of couponing and what radio should have been doing all along – creative promotion.  Idea starters.  Hints.  Packaged and ready to go.  Take notes and return home armed and extremely dangerous.
  • If I told you I have a new way to make all radio formats more compelling for digital users without streaming or putting it on a mobile device would you be interested?  You’ll hear my blueprint to make your on-air product so addictive that radio listeners will forget about digital (while they’re listening)  and when they pick up their phones, do what I’m going to share with you and you’ll own them a second time.
  • What to do if you’re working for a clueless consolidator who is hell bent on cutbacks and firings even though you know they could do better.  Stop frustrating yourself.  Attendee lists are private and not shared.  You’re safe boning up on your next move with us.
  • Plus many trends – look at this list.


  • How to think different like Apple without going broke.  Apple now has a university to make their strategic approach second nature to employees.  Here are some practical ways to come up with better ideas and better ways to implement. 
  • Mining the great ideas of others.  Meetings won’t do it.  Threats won’t either.  I’ll show you a way to get the people you hired to give you their best thinking all the time if – and this is a big IF – you are willing to learn to do the one thing I’m going to ask of you. 
  • Digital brainstorming.  I’m so big on this I opened a new office in Scottsdale to teach my USC-tested brainstorming sessions to stations, entrepreneurs and individuals.  Join me at my Media Solutions Lab and you’ll come away with the basis for generating many new and saleable ideas that otherwise might be impossible.
  • And more …  check it out.


  • My (optional) “Next Day Big Ideas Breakfast” lets us go one-on-one to drill down into content that we covered together the day before.  The better to help you build a blueprint for the year ahead.
  • The Big Business Opportunities ripe for starting in the next 12 months.  Worth the price of admission all by itself!
  • Know the next generation the way 50-something Steve Jobs did – they are the change makers.  I’ll show you how to hook them and then expand your reach to older audiences. 
  • Big Ideas to stimulate your thinking on new media, radio, social networking, video and new age businesses.  For example, I’ll give you an unfair advantage over competitors for using Twitter and Facebook.  The first digital content idea for you to go beyond the usual.  Hints on how to make money without selling spots online and without having to sell online ads along with radio.  Key concepts ahead.  Trend trackers.  Managing your time better in a digital world.  And if you ask me at the breakfast, I will share a proven formula I taught my students on how to beat out even the most qualified competitors for the job you want next. 


This event is so full of take home pay.  So much fun to do because we learn together.  At the end of day one, I’m dead tired from standing on my feet but my attendees are still raring to go. 

Already you can tell, my 2012 Media Solutions Lab is unconventional. 

The 2012 Media Solutions lab has no sponsors – you pay tuition, that’s good enough.

No speakers paying me to pitch you – you can get that anywhere.

No b.s. – I’m a straight talker, but you know that already.

All Interactive.

After all, it’s a “lab” – I teach the way I taught as a professor of music industry at The University of Southern California.

It’s collaborative.

Tons of useful intelligence that will keep you busy and productive in the year ahead.

Then, the morning after the Media Solutions Lab, I will rattle off one innovative idea after another to help you digest your breakfast and the content from our full day together in the optional Next Day Big Ideas Breakfast.

You can’t make it through the next 12 months if you’re the last to know which remarkable trends are coming at you.

I’ve been making these calls for years with great precision.

Invest in the future.

Invest in your career.

Stay relevant.

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