Ex-GM Kicking Cumulus in Court

Lew Dickey may be snapping his suspenders and enjoying making Citadel CEO Farid Suleman and his 14,000 employees squirm as he attempts a hostile takeover.

But in a little Connecticut courthouse, an ex-Cumulus employee who the Dickeys sued when she left them for Cox is prevailing in court so much so that she may be able to get Lew to say “uncle”.

You know that these kinds of stories are not reported in the radio trade press, which is happy to skirt controversy to stay in Dickey’s good graces.  But Cumulus is attempting to be the big dog among radio consolidators with a record of employee dissatisfaction and a punitive management style.

This article will reveal the draconian tactics being used by Cumulus and how one employee appears to be overcoming them:

1.  What a judge did with a Cumulus attempt to hogtie the income and personal possessions of former market manager Kristin Okesson.

2.  How low would Cumulus go to put a stranglehold on an employee’s life after she left their company?  I’ve got two scary examples for you.

3.  How much does this judge think Cumulus can win – if they win -- and the case goes to trial?  Let’s play high low.  Cumulus wants over $1 million from their ex-employee.  She wants to pay zero.  You guess what the judge said was Cumulus’ best-case scenario (yes, it’s higher than zero).

4.  Inside info on the shrewd countersuit that Dickey’s ex-employee filed against Cumulus – a suit so dangerous that one way or the other I think it forces Cumulus to settle the original case.

5.  Can you imagine Lew Dickey being deposed in this case?  Imagine it.  Here’s how Dickey cannot avoid a deposition.

6.  Cumulus has no women in senior management positions, most people know that.  But the very company that is hot in pursuit of Citadel has how many women as market managers?  Whatever your guess, keep in mind that it is three fewer than when Okesson was employed there. 

7.  What will happen in the end?  It’s harder to predict whether Cumulus will be successful in its takeover attempt of rival Citadel than it is to see how this secret and vindictive lawsuit will end.  I’ll tell you my prediction right here.

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