Emerging Trends for 2012

Here are a few of the emerging trends that I will reveal at my February 9th Media Solutions Lab in Scottsdale, AZ.

  • There will be more audience erosion in radio in the one year ahead than in the past 5 years.  Competing mobile media is one factor.  The movement by radio companies away from local radio in favor of national syndication and voice tracking is another.  People Meter ratings methodology is also a factor because it tends to reward radio for drive-by listening while many listeners are actually saying “bye bye”. But there is a solution to radio audience erosion and we’ll discuss it together.
  • Media buyers will up their demands for their digital spend even as radio tries to sell them podcasting, streaming and banner ad-populated websites.  But few stations have tried the approach which I am going to share with you that promises to dazzle buyers and even get them to up their on-air spend to be part of the new package.  Your competitor isn’t going to get this type of information at their next convention.
  • Think the Internet is radio’s competitor?  Think again.  Siri is.  Siri, Apple’s talking personal assistant who resides on the next generation of iPhones.  It used to be that radio’s talked to people.  Now people talk to mobile devices.  This is major – bigger than even the iPad tablet revolution.  Radio will fight it, of course.  But you won’t because you will come away with a plan to put Siri to work for you.
  • Listeners are now consumers.  Consumers will want to be the program director and sales manager of their mobile devices.  Attention spans are decreasing again.  Music is fast becoming a non-attraction for younger radio listeners because they have Pandora and subscription music services.  Video will have to become a bigger part of audio.  Social networking is changing so rapidly that while we think Facebook and Twitter are the ultimate social tools, you and your products are going to become the new social networks.  We will discuss, plan and attack.
  • Video will be the king of all media.  That presents a problem for those luddites at Clear Channel and Cumulus.  But radio is actually in the best position to quench consumers’ thirst for meaningful video, as you will learn at the conference.  Radio with pictures is coming to a station near you.  Why not make it yours.
  • The daily deals ship has sailed.  No need to prostitute advertisers to fight Groupon.  In fact, Groupon will be over soon.  But I know a way that radio stations can get more ad dollars – repeat business, longer term contracts – by thinking like Apple – differently.  I will walk you through a sales proposition that advertisers will not be able to say no to.  And this couldn’t be a better time to discover the secret because economists are predicting a flat economy again in 2012.
  • What if I told you about a new radio format that is very tuned to short attention spans, is so compelling and addictive that even young people – the ones bolting for the mobile Internet – will return to find your station on the radio.  Why streaming on-air stations is going to be a no-no and broadcasting in the present (with no Internet replay) will be the future.  And the future is 2012! You’d think I’m nuts, right?  Well, I’m going to describe all the little details about a radio station that will do just this for you, if you attend my 2012 Media Solutions Lab, and your competitors back home won’t know what hit them.

Already you can tell, my 2012 Media Solutions Lab is unconventional. 

No sponsors.

No speakers paying me to pitch you.

No b.s.

All Interactive.

After all, it’s a “lab”!

Tons of useful intelligence that will keep you busy and productive in the year ahead.

Then, the morning after the Media Solutions Lab, I will rattle off one innovative idea after another to help you digest your breakfast and the content from our full day together in the optional Next Day Big Ideas Breakfast.

You can’t make it through the next 12 months if you’re the last to know which remarkable trends are coming at you.

I’ve been making these calls for years with great precision.

Invest in the future.

Invest in your career.

Stay relevant.

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