Ed Schultz and the Demise of Talk Radio

If you think what talk show host Ed Schultz called Laura Ingraham on the air last week was the tip of the iceberg, wait until you see the rest of the iceberg.

Radio is on a collision course with changing audiences – doesn’t know it or doesn’t care – and there are other formats that are wittingly or unwittingly turning off listeners.

1.  What is turning off talk radio listeners like never before.  It’s not right-wing or left-wing rhetoric.  It’s this – and if you’re running a radio station, your station is probably doing the same thing.  Know what it is to stop audience erosion.

2.  What is the best solution for diverging points of view in talk radio and believe it or not – on the part of thousands of morning personalities.  Do your morning shows do this?  If so, here is the cure.

3.  The number one mistake morning personality shows make – that can be easily corrected to the delight of more listeners.

4.  What is the first radio format that will die from being out of touch with what changing audiences now expect?

5.  Music is eroding the adult contemporary format – plainly put, AC music is not being made anymore because it is not in demand.  But this miscue is curable now and it has nothing to do with music – just a misreading of what audiences really want.

6.  News formats are vulnerable to changing audience preferences in what major way?  Here it is.

7.  Why CHR – the darling of all People Meter formats – is vulnerable in a way that most stations don’t even know.  Until now.

PLUS … 7 early warnings you’ll want to know and track before what’s eating talk radio’s ratings will start to consume yours.

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