Dickey’s Plan After the Firings

Lew Dickey is screaming at you – telling you what he is going to do with Cumulus after the first round of firings are completed at his Citadel stations.

Some of what he is going to do is so outrageous, you may not believe it.

But today, I’m going to lay it out for you.

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1.  The psychology behind how Dickey degrades Citadel, the company he acquired and what it portends for the future of Cumulus.  Dickey was interviewed by Dave Ramsey at a recent talk radio conference in Dallas.  You won’t believe the bizarre things he said in public.

2.  Dickey says the Citadel firings have been limited to 5% of the workforce or 200 people.  You can believe that or take a look at this number.

3.  The chip on his shoulder about the former ABC Radio Networks acquired in the Citadel purchase.  Cumulus has different plans for a radio network.

4.  There’s no way lenders in this stagnant economy are going to give Dickey more money to substantially grow Cumulus again, right?

5.  You’ve heard of AM formats migrating to FM – don’t be surprised at this potential Cumulus tactic that takes it one step further.

6.  Would Cumulus ever sell you or someone you know with capital a few of his stations?  Good question. 

The answers start here.

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