Details on Yesterday’s Massive Clear Channel Cuts

The entire Metro Traffic division shuttered. 

Many medium size markets hit by massive firings. 

Here is team coverage from my network of courageous news sources on the ground at Clear Channel.

The real story of what is going down. How long before it happens again.

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1.  Are they done now?  How long before it happens again?

2.  Look into Clear Channel’s RIF Game Plan to see why PDs have increasingly become expendable.

3.  Chilling eyewitness account:  A former employee familiar with GSelector beta reports on all the things corporate will soon be able to do without a program director or local talent.  In his own words!

4.  Clear Channel employees still don’t think corporate will fire PDs in major markets.  They need to read this.

5.  The end game – how many live PDs per market.  Three?  One?  None?  I’ve got Clear Channel’s new minimum number for you.

6.  UGLY!  A report of four police squad cars called to a major market Clear Channel facility while the firings were happening systemwide.  I’ll tell you where.

The answers begin here.

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