Cumulus Targeting 60-75 Top Execs

A mass reduction in work force the nature of which the radio industry has not previously seen is underway now with the firing of hundreds of Clear Channel workers that began late last week.

Clear Channel is not done by any means.

But Cumulus, in short pants and facing bankruptcy, is planning some earthshattering cutbacks starting with big management positions, but not stopping there.

You know how good my sources are.  Here’s what they’ve learned:

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  1. The important question:  when do the next round of Cumulus firings start.
  2. How and why Cumulus is going to fire 60-75 key local executives.
  3. More talent will also be targeted with new evidence of how they will thin the programming ranks and insert mandated national syndication.
  4. How Cumulus will take the next step to move away from local sales – complete with examples.
  5. All the details about a staff reducer to force a new syndicated show down the throats of local stations not once but twice – the same show twice each weekend in primetime.

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Cumulus Targeting 60-75 Top Execs

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