Cumulus Strikes Back

The bell rings and it is round two of the lightweight fight to takeover Citadel Media.

In one corner, you have Citadel CEO Farid “Fagreed” Suleman looking like King Kong with a nice Florida tan.

In the other, the diminutive Lew “Tricky” Dickey dressed in plaid Yuppie shorts ready to get his head handed to him.

But … new events may change all of that.

If you’re working for Citadel or Cumulus, you’ve got to be worried.  

This piece reveals:

1.  The one thing that would be clearly better than Cumulus buying Citadel?  I’ll name it.

2.  The critical strategic mistake that Dickey is making in his hostile takeover attempt of Citadel.  Fix this and you’ve got a deal.

3.  The brilliance of Fagreed Suleman (don’t choke).  Suleman made a masterful stroke that will render Dickey impotent.  It really is brilliant in the world of greed.

4.  The chance of Dickey upping his bid and offering more money to Citadel shareholders.

5.   All those noisy Citadel shareholders who dislike Suleman – do they have the power to force him to accept the Cumulus offer?  If so, under what circumstances?

6.  The one sure-fire way to get Suleman to change his mind and accept Lew Dickey’s offer.  It’s foolproof and I think you’ll agree this is the key to the entire deal.

This article is about the high stakes of the Cumulus takeover attempt of Citadel and the repercussions that are likely.  It is not politically correct but it is right on the money.

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