Cumulus Sharpens Citadel Axe

If I’m Bob Moore (LA) or Deidra Liebermann (San Francisco) six weeks away from Cumulus becoming my boss in the Citadel merger, I’m looking for a new job.

It looks like Cumulus CEO Lew Dickey is quietly stashing way potential replacements – sometimes in smaller markets and a phone call away for massive management changes.

Here’s what’s going down:

1.  Some major market heads may roll once Cumulus takes over Citadel.  Here are some likely victims.

2.  Cumulus may be stashing replacements – pretty tricky, eh?  I’ll tell you where you can find them.  Name a few names.  You may be surprised.

3.  How sex discrimination lawsuits that Cumulus is fighting will impact their choice of new managers.

4.  How massive an upheaval to expect.

5.  Anecdotal evidence that the Dickeys may be interviewing while publicly saying there will be no changes. 

6.  Who is at greatest risk to be fired – what one thing puts a bullseye on you when the Cumulus takeover takes place.

7.  Two companies that don’t make the mistakes that Cumulus is about to make and how they succeed while Cumulus will fail.

PLUS… what to do next.

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