Cumulus Pitting National Telemarketers vs. Local Sellers

The cumuloids are now apparently pitting phone bank telemarketers in Atlanta against local Cumulus sales teams being forced to sell SweetJack couponing.

And, they’re pissed.

If you want a glimpse of where radio sales is headed, you can’t ignore this story about how aggressive Cumulus is getting with a new type of sales approach that castrates local sellers even as they are trying to carry out orders.

To make matters worse, I believe the details that I am about to share with you are also in the plans for Clear Channel.

So hold your nose and read on:

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1.  How “double pitching” works.  I mean, doesn’t work.

2.  Two of the markets where sources confirm the practice of selling against local salespeople has emerged.

3.  How double pitching is bollixing up the revenue stream – in the exact words of someone close to the situation.

4.  Which clients are the ones the national Cumulus phone bank is targeting.  I’ll name some categories and tell you an actual client reportedly caught in the middle of Atlanta and local radio by name.

5.  What the blowback is from advertisers – that’s right, advertisers – now they’re pissed, too.  And this is what they’re doing about it.

The answers begin here.

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