Cumulus Local Billing Tanking Nationwide

Big trouble for CEO Lew Dickey.

Dickey is like an animal backed into a corner threatened not by a lack of revenue – after all, investors aren’t afraid of a little debt or a lot of it.  He’s pissed that his company, systems and people are not doing what he’s demanding.

Big changes are on the way and it could be ugly.

Heads are going to roll.

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  1. How the Midwest region is missing their numbers. 
  2. The plan Dickey has for anyone who would dare let him down.
  3. Why in spite of sales systems (CSOS), hard-driving corporate execs and threats his company is underperforming in a big way.
  4. Why revenue is tanking in both major and smaller markets for Cumulus – not everyone else.
  5. The impact of missing his projections again on the further growth of Cumulus.
  6. Who will pay the price and when.

If you want to see how Cumulus revenue is tanking and what CEO Lew Dickey is threatening to do if it doesn’t get turned around, click “read more” below. 

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