Cumulus Calls Roto-Rooter

Don’t believe it!

Cumulus and Townsquare didn’t do a massive small market station swap.  There was no swap.

It was investment bank plumbing and wait until you see what is going to happen next.

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1.  The main motivation for the deal – and it wasn’t money, it wasn’t really getting better markets.  It’s devious.

2.  Why Oaktree, the investment bank, is committing radio incest. 

3.  Why this coup by Lew Dickey sets the table for the next Cumulus acquisition.  Don’t worry. I’ll name the two leading candidates to sell to Lew.  One of them will make your jaw drop, I guarantee you.

4.  Why this so-called “swap” which was really not a swap is the beginning of a new corporate strategy for Cumulus and the Dickeys.  Here’s how it is different from the way they have been operating.  

5.  What Cumulus is likely to do with the $116 million check Townsquare is giving them.  You are being warned.

The answers begin here.

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