Creating Great Content For Apple’s New Podcasting App

Yesterday, Apple launched a new app that will surely be popular with consumers because you not only subscribe to audio and video podcasts as before, but can easily manage them in one place as well.

And they go everywhere – on the cloud or download for listening later.

This is a talk radio killer and you don’t want to miss the first opportunity to create content with this Podcast app in mind.

Here are some things you can do if you’re a radio station, former on-air talent or entrepreneur to optimize and even monetize the new Apple podcast app.

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1.  Length of show – what is the optimum length for a successful audio or video podcast.

2.  This advice alone is worth the subscription price for today’s story – how to present the podcasts to the millions of people who will be searching this new Apple podcasting app.

3.  Do you run commercials in the podcasts to make money or do something different?  Try something different – it works better.  I’ll explain.

4.  If you insist on running commercials to monetize your blog, here is the best blog I know for doing it.

5.  The one thing not to do if you’re a local broadcaster who wants to get in on this app the right way.  None of the big boys will do this, but you can get ahead of them.

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