Cox Cutbacks

Cox – considered one of radio’s best groups – is currently under mandate from corporate to tighten up.

That is sending chills through an industry currently being ravaged by Clear Channel and Cumulus firings.  And those firings continue as we speak.

Today, I’ve got a look at Cox’s cutbacks for you.

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1.  Cox is making some big moves in talent – new formats and letting go a 20-year popular show in San Antonio.  How bad is it going to be?

2.  Will Cox markets continue to be run by local general managers or has corporate decided to take a page from John Hogan’s regional set up?

3.  The Cox severance package – you can now compare it with the ones in place at Clear Channel and Cumulus.

4.  The places Cox is most likely to trim.  Is sales safe?  Doubling up on jobs?

5.  The prospect of more voice tracking at Cox.

The answers start here.

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