Consolidators Begging Fired Employees to Return

The most brutal of the radio groups are trying to hire back the talent they let go – even paid off with severance pay – but you won’t believe what their new deal is.

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1.  A major consolidator had to eat crow and offer at least 5 fired air people their jobs back even as they were browbeating employees at one of their clusters. 

2.  Another operator fired over 20 people in one cluster last year alone.  Here’s the package they offered some of their ex-employees to get them to return to work.

3.  Cumulus paid out the last of their “Stay Bonuses” last week – $50,000 to remain at their Citadel station for six months after Cumulus took over.  Now what?

4.  A report on what happened when one key big market sales executive was hired back after being fired from Cumulus.

5.  Even with the ascent of voice tracking and syndication, have we seen the end of wanton firings as consolidators discover that they can’t make it on that alone?  Or not?  Our read on the situation.

The answers begin here.

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