Clear Channel’s Plans To Screw Cumulus

No more Mr. Nice Guy for Clear Channel.

Clear Channel has a big surprise planned for Cumulus that may push them even closer to bankruptcy.

Ironic because Clear Channel is loaded with debt it just kicks down the road, but Cumulus is shopping for a debt-free acquisition in order to live another day.

The last thing Cumulus needs is this dirty trick from Clear Channel.

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  1. What Clear Channel is planning to do to Cumulus in New York City.
  2. How they are going to hit debt-ridden Cumulus while they are down with this ploy.
  3. How the Clear Channel sneak attack that Cumulus does not see coming could push Cumulus into pre-bankruptcy mode.
  4. The stupidest mistake Cumulus is making at one of their essential big market stations that is playing right into the hands of Clear Channel.  And, how to fix it.
  5. The stealth Clear Channel plan that will start a war between the two biggest radio consolidators.

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  4. Be careful of Apple.  Apple has been a good barometer of consumer needs and desires but there is evidence that those days may be over.  Apple is still an important consideration to digital content, but now there are other factors equally important.
  5. Avoid bandwidth problems.  The elephant in the room is how mobile carriers are suckering monthly plan users into more and more bandwidth.  This has repercussions for content providers because if you develop content that hogs bandwidth, you may shoot yourself in the foot.
  6. Don’t listen to media buyers.  Respect them, but don’t turn to them for great digital media ideas.  There is a litmus test for digital ideas that media buyers will pay a premium for – and you’ve got to know how it is different from what they say they want and what they will pay handsomely for.
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