Clear Channel’s Next Two Moves

After last week’s massive firings, you’re probably wondering two things.

Are there more massive firings ahead?

And how in the world are companies like Clear Channel and Cumulus going to do even an imitation of local radio without people.  They can’t just use voice tracking.

Wait until you see the new computer system that allows San Antonio (or in this case Cincinnati) to hijack 850 radio stations.

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1.  First, the firings.  Are there more?  When?  How massive?  I called all of this last week to the specific day.  Here’s what I’m predicting now.

2.  First details on the new computer system that allows Clear Channel regional people to program everything from afar.  And when they will start being installed at local stations.

3.  How the new system will work – and how it prevents a local program director from doing very much to music and formatic elements – that is, if you can find a local program director.

4.  The first information on the new system that is a nightmare for local markets.  What people close to the building of the new computer system privately think will happen once it goes live.

5.  This new control freak’s dream couldn’t wind up on Cumulus stations, could it?  You won’t believe who owns the rights.

The answers start here.

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