Clear Channel’s Madonna Flop

Even hourly airplay on Clear Channel hit stations couldn’t prevent Madonna’s “Give Me All Your Luvin’” from being a flop.  Forget the Super Bowl.

This new corporate payola – “you give us a partnership and we give you the world” should be prosecuted in court.  It’s worse than djs or PDs taking payola.

But, there is more to the Madonna-Clear Channel flop than meets the ears.

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1.  What they are saying in the UK about Madonna’s first studio album in years even before she launces a worldwide tour.  Ouch!

2.  Why Bob Pittman who could never beat the giant WABC in New York when he was at rival WNBC is making the same mistake as Programmer in Chief of Clear Channel.

3.  So Madonna has a stiff – does that mean that from now on radio stations have to play it in return for favors?

4.  Why playing Madonna every hour on the hour is about as cool as Mitt Romney saying he is against ObamaCare every time he opens his mouth.

5.  And speaking of uncool – how Bob Pittman is killing program directors at Clear Channel who know how to program.

The answers begin here.

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