Clear Channel’s Buyer

I’ve got a big one for you today.

I am going to identify the company I think is on track to buy Clear Channel.

It’s not a radio company.

They don’t even own a single radio station, yet you will soon see how this helps explain the erratic behavior lately of CEO Bob Pittman.

Print and save it but don’t bet against it.

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1.  I’ll name the company you probably would never name that I’m betting Bob Pittman is wooing right now to acquire Clear Channel. 

2.  The time frame – not this year but not that far off, either.  There are certain things Pittman must do that will prepare Clear Channel to be acquired.  If radio must suffer, so be it. Here’s how.

3.  Why everyone is misreading Pittman’s appointment of John Hogan to a promotion! Pittman is grooming Clear Channel to be purchased by this company and is changing it right before our very eyes to fit their needs not Clear Channel’s. 

4.  Evidence that Hogan will not be running Clear Channel radio soon – maybe within six months although no announcements will ever be made.  And you’ll see who Hogan’s replacement will be because sources close to Clear Channel say he is already “in the house” and going on station sales calls.  Now.

5.  Hint:  Mel Karmazin tried to buy CBS Radio from Viacom’s Sumner Redstone and Redstone bought Infinity and then hired Mel to run it all.  I’ll tell you what Bob Pittman likes about Mel’s strategy and why he may borrow it.

The answers begin here.

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