Clear Channel Unhinged

The nation’s number one radio group is now losing it.

Competitors have big plans.

CBS is moving with surgical precision to own the last viable radio formats without much public fanfare.

Even Cumulus has plans to grow the group next year.

Clear Channel is doing some of the most cockamamie things that make no sense.

But, it gives you an idea where they are coming from and where they are headed.

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  1. How Clear Channel plans to replace its market managers.  It’s not based on performance.
  2. Big time intimidation tactics:  They’re now doing in-station seminars for talent and salespeople on – sit down for this – how to do an endorsement.  But that’s not why they’re doing them.
  3. How Clear Channel is now using Cumulus-type non-compete threats – with a new twist.
  4. Why they are making deals with record labels for music that they don’t play on any of their stations. 
  5. The payola disclaimer that some employees attach to their emails even though we all know Clear Channel doesn’t take payola for playing the same record every hour on the hour.

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