Clear Channel Targeting PDs

There is now evidence from people who work at Clear Channel that a massive purging of program directors is coming.

New technology being implemented currently is going to make it possible for Clear Channel to rid itself of program directors in all but the most critical situations.

There are signs that are apparent to those who work in programming at Clear Channel and I will share their views on when, how and where these changes will take place.

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1.  The giveaway – one thing Clear Channel is doing almost everywhere that signals an end to program directors except in the most competitive situations.

2.  Who will be spared and who will lose their PDs.

3.  The time frame is rather urgent – maybe more urgent than a lot of people in Clear Channel think.  I’ll zero in on it to give the best guess as to when these changes will take place.

4.  The thing that emboldens consolidators like Clear Channel to make such a drastic move to rid themselves of a once indispensable part of every radio station.

5.  There is a ray of hope – but it may be temporary – until all the Clear Channel stations make the change. 

The answers begin here.

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