Clear Channel Firings Exposed

Clear Channel is in the middle of another massive reduction in force – especially in certain types of targeted markets and for a sustained period of time.

Already, a troubling pattern is emerging.

The firings are becoming more brutal and the way they make the decision to fire an employee has actually been outsourced.

Here’s how it’s now being done with actual quotes from fired employees and insights as to the reductions in force ahead from people close to the situation.

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  1. How many?  How long?  How brutal is brutal?
  2. How Clear Channel by and large outsources who is to be fired by people outside the market.  Way outside.
  3. What it’s liked to get fired after more than a decade of employment from soup to nuts – the call, the axing, the aftermath.  A recent victim confirms the coldblooded firings in detail.
  4. The “dog whistle” phrases used by firing managers to prevent lawsuits.  The coded language that appears to mean one thing to the victim but has a different meaning to corporate lawyers.  Here’s one:  “today is your day”.  You won’t believe the others.
  5. What kind of severance to expect.  As Bill Clinton says, do the arithmetic using what a decade-long employee got.  And work downward.
  6. The one – and I mean one – stay of execution that I have heard of in four years of Lee & Bain’s ownership.  How lucky do you feel?  Or unlucky as you’ll see in this case.

The answers begin here.

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