Clear Channel Cutbacks Coming

It’s the calm before the storm as radio companies prepare to gut local stations as never before to reduce costs and recast an industry.

Rumblings of more firings at Clear Channel and even Cumulus.

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1.  What ever happened to all those major market managers that met with John Hogan a month ago to take their corporate flash drives back and make cuts?  Is the firing still on?

2.  Both Clear Channel and Cumulus are likely to continue their cutbacks but one of the two radio groups is going to change its approach to how it fires. 

3.  Why did Clear Channel really hire former consultant Guy Zapoleon and why did Cumulus really hire former consultant Mike McVay?  You’ve only just seen the tip of the iceberg here.

4.  The two reasons why Cumulus could lead another massive industry-wide firing before next December. 

5.  Both Cumulus and Clear Channel have gone as far as they dare go to eliminate local talent and salespeople, right?

The answers start here.

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