Changes Ahead At Cumulus and Clear Channel

Last week’s firings have caused lots of disruption to the lives of fired employees, to Cumulus and Clear Channel radio stations and to the audience.

As the dust settles, you can now piece together not only the human impact that is often overlooked, but also the potential indications of what is to come:

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1.  The line you’ll likely hear in future firings from an 11-year radio vet with a 21 share who was fired last week by Clear Channel.  This one line tells you where they are coming from and where they are headed.

2.  The one virtually safe Clear Channel job – safe from the major market firings due very soon.  If you’re in this situation, you’re probably okay for now.

3.  What will become of the former ABC Radio Networks now under the ownership of Cumulus.  It has a new mission.

4.  Unconfirmed but continuing reports that one of the two major consolidators has become a slow pay or no pay operator even as cutbacks are taking place.  Find out which one is being accused of dragging out accounts payable.

5.  In the wake of Clear Channel’s Metro Traffic firings last week, guess how many markets and stations a traffic reporter has to handle every morning in, say, Columbus.  You’ll never guess.

6.  The one consolidator in the midst of a firing spree, according to a report, that is allegedly making his salespeople sell “Putting America Back To Work” campaign.

7.  The fate of the legendary KLOS-FM in Los Angeles under the control of Cumulus.  One scary scenario is so goofy that I wouldn’t bet against it.

8.  An inside account of how Clear Channel New Orleans is directing radio sales people to sell iHeartRadio spots – you knew that was going to happen – in what this former employee says is deceiving to advertisers.

The answers start here.

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