CBS Goes Clear Channel

Just at the time when stations need every listener they can get, thousands and thousands of radio stations are in the midst of adopting a new policy that effectively drives listeners away from the station they are listening to.

Not just online to their own streams but, amazingly, to competitors and dreaded customized music services.

But now it’s not just a vague concept.

It’s policy.

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  1. CBS – that’s right, CBS – just recently mandated some of their stations to offer their on-air listeners other options in real time.  Here’s how they do it.  I I’ve documented it for you.
  2. Why a smart company like CBS is now joining Clear Channel and taking the risk to lose on-air listeners.  What recently happened to make them get a jump on competitors.
  3. Cumulus, Entercom and even Greater Media are driving listeners away from local radio stations at a time when average quarter hours continue to erode and Pandora is making inroads. 
  4. What was in a couple of huge crates dropped off at a Florida Clear Channel cluster a few days ago?  This they can’t live without.  Talent, not so much.
  5. WTOP, KYW, 1010 WINS and WCBS attracted new listeners who wanted information and companionship during Hurricane Sandy, but Clear Channel and Cumulus in hard hit New York City drove listeners away in two very different ways.

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