CBS Fundraising Begathon Begins

If you don’t believe CBS Radio is in play, I won’t tell you about Santa Claus just yet.

But something’s up and now we’re getting word that wannabe potential buyers are actually trying to find ways to come up with the billions it will take to wrestle it away from Les Moonves.

Moonves likes reality shows and this one is going to start getting crazy.

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  1. The current list of “suspects” scoping out financial resources for a potential run at CBS Radio.
  2. Which one potential buyer is actually headed to a city where sources say he is supposedly meeting with a large non-radio company – this week!
  3. Which potential buyer has an interest in actually running up any CBS sale price – and why?
  4. What investment banks think of a possible acquisition this large.
  5. Why all of a sudden maybe even more than just CBS could change hands.

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