Cash Starved Cumulus Turning Down Business

Just as Cumulus CEO Lew Dickey is crying poor mouth to Wall Street analysts and blaming his own major markets for continuing losses, it has been revealed that Cumulus is turning away advertising.

Salespeople are left dumbfounded. 

Advertisers are even reportedly walking away from next year’s budgets.

Cumulus micromanaging is getting in the way of advertisers who could actually help the company lose less money.

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  3. How advertisers are getting so pissed, they’re reportedly pulling their budgets for next year.
  4. New ways local sellers are being micromanaged by corporate know-it-alls who keep interfering in the buying process.
  5. What is the cataclysmic event about to take place at the red ink drenched San Francisco cluster within weeks that will guarantee more losses from their second most important market.

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