Bob Pittman’s Private Jet

I’m not in a very good mood right now.

I’m choking over the departure of WBT, Charlotte morning talent Keith Larson who was told by Greater Media – get this -- that they are not picking up his contract, but that they’d like to keep him as a part-timer!

Greater Media now is acting like Cumulus and Clear Channel – what’s up with that?

That’s why every chance I can get a good laugh, I take it. 

So, a few days ago it was Lew Dickey’s Playboy Playmate girlfriend who I learned was a subscriber of mine – leaving me to do a lot of explaining to my wife.

Today, Bob Pittman’s private jet.

One of my “repeater reporters” slacked off from his real job all day to uncover some of the most fascinating if not funny facts about Pittman Airways.

If you are a subscriber, thank you for joining our group.  Just click through and unlock the content and scratch your head in amazement at how Pittman has gamed the system again.

If you’ve been thinking about subscribing and would like to access this story, now’s a great time because radio has changed and the way you get intelligence has also changed.  Let me tell you the questions that will be answered:

1.  The tail number on Pittman’s private jet – a vanity plate of sorts?

2.  What the Pitchman has managed to pitch to the FAA – and they bought it!

3.  How ex-employees could have been able to track his whereabouts if not for this one thing.

4.  What Pitchman managed to talk Bain Capital into – a sweeter arrangement you’ll be hard put to find.

5.  Why the trappings of arrogance and financial success almost always lead to the downfall of radio’s 1%.  I called it on Farid Suleman at Citadel.  Now, I’m going on record as to which spoiled brat is next.

The answers begin here.

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