Apple Raises Employee Pay and Gets Richer

Apple’s CEO makes more money than any other top executive and now he’s giving out raises as high as 25% to 30,000 retail store employees.

Don’t try that in radio.

Unless you want to win.

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1.  What are the best ways to motivate an employee?

2.  Why bad things happen to good people at Clear Channel and Cumulus.  It’s not just the greedy investment banks; it’s something else, which is really unnecessary.

3.  Make sure your next employer does these things well or don’t take the job.  Seriously.

4.  Even Bain and Pittman and Cumulus and Dickey will come on hard times.  Here’s when I think it all falls apart for these guys.

5.  What’s even better than a raise?  I know, money talks but nobody walks when they get this one thing.

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